VectorVest 6: India

Analyse the Indian Stock Market with the power of VectorVest.

VectorVest India covers 3,438 stocks, trading on the Mumbai and India’s National Stock Exchange. The text is English and all monetary values are given in Indian Rupees. Try VectorVest India for 5-weeks click here.

Don't Go It Alone
Let the Founder and Chairman of VectorVest, Dr. Bart A. DiLiddo, assist you in making informed investment decisions with his daily commentary, The VectorVest Views and the Color Guard. Dr. DiLiddo always tells you whether the market is over or under valued, whether the market is going up or down, whether or not it's OK to buy stocks, and which strategies are best to use. VectorVest's "Top Stock of the Week" recommendations have consistently outperformed the market.

VectorVest Stock Viewer
See The Big Picture: The VectorVest Viewers give an instantaneous analysis of 3,438 Stocks, 26 Industry Groups, and 12 Business Sectors, or, if you so choose, can display over 6 months of historical data. With a few clicks of your mouse, you can analyse, sort, and rank stocks, industry groups, and business sectors on Value, Safety, Timing, Price, Volume, Earnings, Growth Rates, and many other critical parameters.
VectorVest WatchLists
Focus on the Stocks That You Want to Watch: WatchLists are selected lists of stocks that are sub-sets of the VectorVest India database. You can create your own WatchLists of stocks that you own or want to follow, or take advantage of the VectorVest pre-defined WatchLists. In either case, WatchLists hold the key to many exciting and profitable strategies.
VectorVest Unisearch Tool
Find Tomorrow's Winners Today: The UniSearch Tool combines WatchLists, Strategies, Trend-Setter, Delta Viewer and High-Low into one super tool. It does things that were never possible before. UniSearch allows you to search, find and sort stocks meeting a certain set of conditions or criteria over any number of days or weeks. Take advantage of over 100 pre-defined VectorVest searches, or create your own searches to help you find stocks meeting your investment style with a simple click of the mouse.
VectorVest Portfolio Manager
Track or Paper-Trade Your Portfolio: You can track multiple portfolios of your stocks, or paper-trade (backtest) an investment strategy using Portfolio Manager. Portfolio Manager features many tools to assist you in accurately tracking the transactions within your brokerage account. You can simulate interest payments, simulate cash withdrawals and credits, and view and print a variety of portfolio reports.
VectorVest Graphs
A Graph is Worth a Thousand Words: There are a number of graphing tools available to help you analyze Stocks, Industry Groups and Business Sectors. The Field List Selector allows you to display any of the built-in VectorVest parameters, your own custom fields, or up to 3 fully-customizable moving averages. You can utilize multiple drawing and annotation features, including Trend Lines, Circles, Arcs, Rectangles, Text Balloons or Boxes.